Which skirting boards do you pfer?

Completion of repair of the apartment - installation of skirting boards. In finishing works, you should take this seriously, because the right choice of skirting can decorate even the simplest floor.

Here is the problem - which skirting boards do you prefer?

Plastic skirting is currently the most popular. They are not afraid of water, temperature drops, does not rot and is snug against the wall or floor. The skirting board have a different design. They can imitate the texture of wood, stone or tiles. Some skirting boards are collapsible and have a cable channel, where you can hide electrical wiring.

MDF skirting boards This option is hygienic, resistant to moisture and low price. Laminated strips are also flexible and inconspicuous. An important advantage of MDF plinth is that they, unlike plastic, are environmentally friendly. Their colors are extremely rich, and in the lower part there is usually a cavity for electric wires. For bathrooms produce polyethylene tape skirtings. They are not afraid of moisture, flexible and can take any form. They are strengthened with a sealant.

The wooden skirting is the most familiar for us. Their main advantage is ecological compatibility. Made of solid, this plinth is durable and durable. The wooden plinth is ideal for a massive boards or parquet, that are, a pstigious floor finish. By the way, the skirting boards, so that it does not differ in color from the coating, can be ordered together with the parquet.

As exotic products you can mention aluminum plinth for high-tech interiors and a flexible wooden strip that can be laid around any curved element - for example, around a column.

Well, what plinth to choose - wood or plastic - is a matter of taste. However, it is not superfluous to know what difference exists between different types of plinth.